Upholstery Cleaning Services


When your furniture fabric gets dull or stained, We can clean it with an upholstery shampoo or cleaner.

Apply the liquid shampoo formula with either a carpet cleaner's handheld rotary brush attachment specially made for upholstery, or clean it by hand using the (carpet and upholstery) formula in warm water and applying it with a soft scrub brush.

If you're cleaning by hand, always sponge the area with a dry towel to remove some moisture when the cleaning is done, to help the drying process. And expect a chair or other upholstered furniture to take several hours drying time.

We use Diversey chemicals which are 100% ecofriendly.

We are very professional and having a brilliant understanding in doing carpet cleaning at your premises, lots of cost incur to floor the carpet and thus their care and cleaning should be on the topmost priority,

our Carpet Cleaning is done by using “shampooing process” we use German technology based single Disc scrubbing machine and Extraction machine, after processing your carpet get 100% dust and 100% germs free.